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Hi! Welcome to my portfolio.

I made this page in order to showcase my work on various projects and also as a way for visitors to contact me with inquiries or feedback about them.

I am currently active on Instragram :camera:, you can DM me at any time or send me an email :love_letter:. I’m also open to questions / coffee / mentoring / whatever.

About me :seedling:

I’ve been building stuff with a computer since 2013. I am a very creative person and I value a great deal user experience and design.

Although my professional background is more back-end oriented atm, i have considerable experience as a hobbyst game dev, and would love to work with you in videogame related adventures! :video_game:

Recently, I’ve switched to freelance remote work. I’m open to hear about your project as long as you’re open to remote workers :smile:.

My games :video_game:

Videogames I’ve developed along the years, in no particular order

More Cubes Please Thank You

Game made during the summer of 2016.

Play it

Galactic Girl

Short game made for the ludum dare 38 with @GeriBP, Rory Given and Filipe de Andrade.

Play it Ludum Dare page

Rocket League

Game made for the VJ subject at UPC-FIB.

Play it


Game made during the 2016 Global Game Jam Barcelona with Rubén Ajenjo.

Play it Global Game Jam page

Bind It

Small game @GeriBP and I worked on during the HackUPC Winter Hackathon of 2017.

We focused on developing a core functionality with a minimalistic design.

Devpost page

Kill Zombies, enjoy the views: VR

Oculus game made in Unity3D for the START hack hackathon 2017 with Daniel Vilanova.

Winner of the Logitech main prize.

Devpost page

Nico’s Rituals: Shaken, not stirred

Game made during the Global Game Jam of 2016 with Pau Aza, Rubén Ajenjo and Miquel Díaz.

Had a lot of fun while doing it.

Global Game Jam page

No More Cubes

Game made during the summer of 2015.

Play it


Tiny cool game made at the Tousand Gears’ game jam with Rubén Díaz.

Books :books:

Cool books i’ve read

The art of game design

Jesse Schell’s chef d’oeuvre

The Design of Everyday Things

Essential book about product design by Donald A. Norman